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A dynamic approach to preventing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)


The Body at Work Ergonomics provides hands-on training: individual workstation evaluations and workplace wellness seminars on body mechanics for computer users. We help you prevent injury by training you to adjust your movement habits and workstation setup, and support your body efficiently with comfort and ease. Our classes are interactive and fun! Corporate groups can schedule seminars in their workplace; individual ergonomic assessments are available in both business and home offices.

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Did you know...?

Repetitive Strain Injury
Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) are the fastest growing occupational hazard.
[source: Bureau of Labor Statistics]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
The average Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) claim costs $14,039.
[source: National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc.]

Computer Vision Syndrome
Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) affects almost 66 million people. 91% of all computer users suffer from eyestrain.
[source: The National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety]

We expand on this topic in our seminar, The Economics of Ergonomics, designed for the Next Concept HR Association (formerly the Northern California Human Resources Association, NCHRA) and as a resource for HR professionals world wide.
Factsheet: The Economics of Ergonomics

The Good News
RSI is preventable. The Body at Work Ergonomics provides the training you need in workstation setup and usage to avoid debilitating and costly injuries.

We're Here to Help
Many ergonomics assessments focus on equipment: screen filter, comfy chair and fancy keyboard. But your workplace well-being goes beyond your physical surroundings. At The Body at Work Ergonomics, we're interested in how you interact with your workspace. Learning to position and support your body for typing, reading and sitting will help you avoid the fatigue and strain that lead to injury. You'll also feel more alert and refreshed, so you'll find yourself in a good mood, working efficiently.

Our Philosophy
At The Body at Work Ergonomics, we teach movement ease and efficiency to optimize employee safety and productivity. We help people improve the way they use their bodies and their equipment at work. Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) are preventable, and we specialize in practical ways to avoid injuries and help heal existing ones.

People are often taught that they must maintain an "ideal" posture that winds up feeling rigid and constrained. We believe that healthy posture is fluid and dynamic, so we teach people how to move more freely, while experiencing improved alignment and support. The result is a healthier, more energizing work experience.

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Our On-Site Seminars
In our classes we discuss ergonomic equipment and practical ways to improve workstation setup, with an emphasis on understanding and improving the way we use our bodies. Learning efficient usage of the body and equipment is a vital part of preventing and healing a repetitive strain injury and gives us new ways to think about movement outside of work as well.
Our simple and insightful approach incorporates discussions and demonstrations in both one-on-one and group settings.

Our classes are fun, engaging and interactive. We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients as they discover inspiring, new ways to work. At the end of the workday, our clients report no longer feeling sore or physically exhausted. Think of our approach as "sustainability on the body level" or "working sustainably!" Click here for client testimonials.

Each seminar includes illustrated handouts with easy-to-follow instructions:

Bodies that feel better get more done!



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